Frank Zappa - 1991 - Cucamonga years - The early works of Frank Zappa (1962-1964)


This is a compilation of very early pre-Mothers Of Invention recordings from the days of the Pal Recording Studio (a.k.a. "Studio Z").


Frank Zappa (guitar, bass, drums), Bob Guy (vocals), Dave Aerni, Paul Buff (recording engineer), Ray Collins (vocals), Ronnie Williams (vocals)


1. Memories Of El Monte by The Penguins (02:44)
2. How's Your Bird? by Baby Ray & The Ferns (02:12)
3. The World's Greatest Sinner by Baby Ray & The Ferns (02:28)
4. Dear Jeepers by Bob Guy (02:28)
5. Letter From Jeepers by Bob Guy (02:23)
6. Grunion Run by The Hollywood Persuaders (02:24)
7. Tijuana Surf by The Hollywood Persuaders (02:21)
8. Mr. Clean by Mr. Clean (02:11)
9. Jessie Lee by Mr. Clean (01:56)
10. Heavies by The Rotations (01:50)
11. The Cruncher by The Rotations (02:23)
12. Every Time I See You by The Heartbreakers (02:34)
13. Cradle Rock by The Heartbreakers (02:54)

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