Frank Zappa - 1975-11-22 - Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

 Ljubljana (repost)

01. Introduction
02. Stink Foot
03. The Poodle Lecture
04. Dirty Love
05. Black Napkins
06. Advance Romance
07. Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
08. The Illinois Enema Bandit
09. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
10. Lonely Little Girl
11. Drum Solo

Covers: Thanks to Sergej

4 comentários:

Sergej disse...

Please, can you re-pload this beauty?
Thank you.
Salutes from Ljubljana.

Sergej disse...

Here are the covers.

Sergej disse...

Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.

japoflores disse...

Gracias por el obsequio... continúo recolectando la obra del maestro.
Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.