Frank Zappa - 1988 03 17, St.Patrick's Day, Broome County Arena, Binghamton NY

Disc 1 | Disc 2

Frank Zappa
Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, Binghamton

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The Best Band on Broadway the Hard Way US Tour (2 CD)
Frank Zappa's Best Band (2 CD)
St Patrick's Day (2 CD)

Source: 137 min, A

Band: Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally, Ike Willis, Bobby Martin, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Kurt McGettrick, Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Albert Wing and Paul Carman


1. The Black Page (New Age Version) Incl. Band Introduction (09:36)
2. Dickie's Such an Ashole (06:15)
3. Stick Together (01:58)
4. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your mama (03:31)
5. Willie the Pimp (02:11)
6. Montana (04:00)
7. City of Tiny Lites (09:49)
8. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus Incl. Make a Sex Noise (18:10)
9. When The Lie's So Big (00:33)
10. Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk (07:19)
11. Florentine Pogen (08:17)
12. Andy (05:31)
13. Inca Roads (10:24)
14. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up (03:06)
15. Let's Move to Cleveland (07:40)
16. When Irish Eyes are Smiling (00:47)
17. Theme from the Godfather II (00:28) [Nino Rota]
18. Who Needs The Peace Corps ? (03:08)
19. I Left My Heart in San Francisco (01:12) [George Corey Jr & Douglas Cross]
20. Stairway to Heaven (10:10) [Page/Plant]
21. Norwegian Jim (02:57) ["Norwegian Wood", Lennon/McCartney/Zappa]
22. Lousiana Hooker With Herpes (03:23) ["Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", Lennon/McCartney/Zappa]
23. Texas Motel (03:08) ["Strawberry Fields Forever", Lennon/McCartney/Zappa]
24. Sofa (03:06)
25. The Illinois Enema Bandit (07:12)


Frank Zappa's Best Band (also known as St Patrick's Day) has tracks 1-10 on disc one and tracks 11-25 on disc two - all from Binghampton. The cover says "Frank Zappa's Best Band Live at the Broome County Veterans Arena, Binghampton, NY March 17 1988"; the spine says "St Patrick's Day". The front cover has a picture of Zappa in a pink sweater, playing a Stratocaster. Back cover has track list and black & white picture of Zappa's head with a marine cap and a mike. An "inside cover" has a list of musicians and "Notes, Aspects, Lyric Mutations, etc." The inlay lists OSA/BIEM.

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