Frank Zappa - (1966-06-24) - Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco -CA

This is a short recording of The Mothers Of Invention serving as opening act for Lenny Bruce. It's taken from a soundboard recording and presented here in it's raw and cleaned up versions

Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention
San Francisco, CA
Fillmore Auditorium
(A.k.a May 1966. The MOI acted as opening act for Lenny Bruce)

Available Recordings, according JN:
15 min, SBD, A-

The MOI:
Jimmy Carl Black - drums, vocals
Ray Collins - vocals
Roy Estrada - bass, vocals
Elliot Ingber - guitar
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals


01 snippet from
02 Toads Of The Short Forest
03 I'm Not Satisfied
04 Handsome Cabin Boy Jam

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