Frank Zappa - (1968-11-08) - the string quartet (California State College, Fullerton)

    * California State College, Fullerton, 08-Nov-1968

    * Also issued as The String Quartet (on clear/sunburst vinyl and CD by Flashback Records)
    * Also issued legally as part of the Beat the Boots II set
    * Parts also issued on the "Strong Willie Shape"

    Sound quality: B
    Label: Frank's Records PC 1101/1102, Copenhagen 1985

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, Jim Sherwood, Roy Estrada, Arthur Dyer Tripp III and special guests Larry "Wild Man" Fischer and Don Cherry (?)

    1. Feet Light Up
    2. Bacon Fat [Andre Williams / Brown]
    3. [wait]
    4. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus
    5. Sleeping in a Jar
    6. The Wild Man Fischer Story [Fischer]
    7. I'm the Meany [Fischer]
    8. Valarie [Clarence Lewis / Bobby Robinson] [partial]
    9. King Kong

Track 1 is a spoken intro: Zappa tells the audience not to trip on the wires lest their "feet light up". Track 3 consists of silence, soundcheck and an introduction of the next track. Tracks 4-5 are listed as parts of "The String Quartet", an early number that was later split up into the two individual pieces. Tracks 6-7 are solo performances from Wild Man Fischer ("I'm the Meany" is about the Beatles). Track 8 is just a tiny bit of "Valarie". A better "Valarie" can be found on The Ark, also in Beat the Boots. Colour covers. Pressed on both red and blue vinyl. The back cover credits "Kutekkie Remote Control. Produced by Rod'n Nodny".

In the late 80s, one of the old Mothers tried to sell the tape of this show to collectors and/or bootleggers for a "fantasy price" so high that nobody was interested. Soon afterwards, that tape was rendered worthless when an identical tape leaked out from somewhere else and someone made this bootleg from it.

(In the '60s, Zappa was planning to release a real album called Our Man in Nirvana; you can read a bit about that in the Weirdo Discography. The title, of course, is a play on Graham Greene's book title Our Man in Havana. Our Man in Nirvana also inspired another bootleg title - Our Man in Italy.)

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