Frank Zappa - 1974.05.08 - Live in Edinboro (Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA)


This recording is a digital copy of the Frank Zappa CD bootlegrecord Live in Edinboro 1974.
Label: The Swingin' Pig Records, SARL TSP-CD-012-2

Below is the details.
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Live in Edinboro 1974 (2 CD)

* Edinboro State College, Edinboro, PA, 08-May-1974

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Jeff Simmons, Tom Fowler, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Don Preston, George Duke and Bruce & Walt Fowler

Length: 120:42
Label: The Swingin' Pig Records, SARL TSP-CD-012-2
Sound quality: Soundboard A-

1. Tune Up & Intro
2. Cosmik Debris
3. Pygmy Twylyte
4. Idiot Bastard Son / Cheepnis
5. Inca Roads [12:23; partial]
6. Montana [partial]
7. Cocktail Lounge Music
8. Dupree's Paradise [including Varèse's "Octandre", "Blue Moon" [?], Wagner's "Lohengrin", and the "Can't Afford No Shoes" riff]

9. Dupree's Paradise [last part; mislisted as "It Can't Happen Here"]
10. It Can't Happen Here [not listed] / Hungry Freaks, Daddy / You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
11. How Could I Be Such a Fool? / Wowie Zowie / Let's Make the Water Turn Black / Harry, You're a Beast / The Orange County Lumber Truck ["Orange Country Lumber Truck" not listed]
12. Oh No [also listed: "Son of Orange County"]
13. Son of Orange County [not listed]
14. More Trouble Every Day
15. Camarillo Brillo

* Track 7: a slow jazz boogie introduced by Zappa as "Cocktail Lounge Music". It quotes Wagner's "Die Valkyries".
* Track 11: "The Orange County Lumber Truck" fades out and back in.

The front cover is a sepia-tone photo from a rehearsal or soundcheck that shows Zappa, Ruth, Chester & Ralph, and a fifth musician who is probably Tom Fowler. The back cover says "Collect 'em all!"
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