Frank Zappa - 1969 - Pachuco Hop

Pachuco Hop * Rockpile, Toronto, 23-Feb-1969 (early show) 
Label: Gold Standard SOBF-001 (Japan)
PACHUCO HOP front cover Sound quality: "excellent soundboard" 
Musicians: Frank Zappa, Lowell George, Ian Underwood, Bunk Gardner, Buzz Gardner, Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood, Roy Estrada, Don Preston, Jimmy Carl Black and Arthur Dyer Tripp III 

1. Intro 
2. Bacon Fat [Andre Williams / Brown] 
3. [Those] Lonely, Lonely Nights [John Vincent] 
4. Corrido Rock [A. Egnoian/J. Balcom] 
5. Pachuko Hop [C. Higgins/V. Haven]
6. Behind the Sun [The Rocking Brothers?] 
7. The String Quartet 
8. Charles Ives 
9. WPLJ [Dobard/McDaniels] 
10. In the Sky ["Oh, in the Sky"] 
11. All Night Long [Harris Woody] 

"The String Quartet" was an early number, which contained the melodies of "A Pound for a Brown on the Bus" and "Sleeping in a Jar". (And "Charles Ives" is a piece written by Frank Zappa.) This is a most remarkable show: tracks 2-6, 9 and 12 are old R&B hits, that the Mothers play VERY well!

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