Frank Zappa - 1983 - Rare Meat

Rare Meat (LP/CD)

* Vinyl 12" EP (Del-Fi Records, 1983)
* Rhino 12" EP [?] (RNEP 604)
* Del-Fi CD (Del-Fi Records 70010, May 9 1995)
* Japanese something (15A-00)

Unique material: Yes, but this is also available on other, similar compilations

1. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird? (02:10)
2. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner (02:25)
3. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You (02:29) [Zappa/Collins]
4. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers (02:26)
5. Bob Guy: Letter from Jeepers (02:20)
6. The Heartbreakers: Cradle Rock (02:52) [Galleges]

The CD cover has a painting of Zappa in a T-shirt on a black background; there were two different vinyl covers. From Biffy the Elephant Shrew:

The original Rare Meat cover (on the Del-fi Label, distributed by Rhino) featured a Dave McMacken painting of a horrific, slavering Zappa menacing a tiny, scantily clad woman in a glass dome, all rendered as a poster on a brick wall. The liner notes of the 200 Motels CD reveal that this image originated as a dry run for the cover of the 200 Motels LP. A distorted version of the same image of Zappa appears on the TV screen on the Over-Nite Sensation cover. When the original cover appeared, Zappa, who was already pissed off at Rhino (and involved in legal action against them) because of the ZAPPALOG [?] and the Grandmothers albums, took further legal action to make them change the cover of Rare Meat [and the cover was changed again for CD release - Ed.]. Because the image was already on Over-Nite Sensation, Zappa MAY have had legitimate grounds for a copyright infringement complaint.

On my copy of the Rare Meat CD, the tracks are in the expected order, but the titles are consistently switched - i.e., on the inlay card, on the cover insert and on the disc, "Dear Jeepers" is listed as "Letters [sic] from Jeepers," and "Letter from Jeepers" is listed as "Dear Jeepers". The vinyl version on Rhino has the correct titles.

Additional informants: Mikael Agardsson

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