Frank Zappa - (1968-10-06) - The Beat Club, Bremen, West Germany

To Motherbuggers Everywhere (LP)

    * The Beat Club, Bremen, Germany, 06-Oct-1968
    * Unknown live 1980 (bonus track)

Length: 35 min + "Watermelon in Easter Hay"
Label: Acid SPEED 2
Sound quality: [corresponding tapes have been graded FM A-]

    1. Improvisation
    2. King Kong
    3. A Pound for a Brown (on the Bus)
    4. Sleeping in a Jar
    5. Uncle Meat
    6. Lohengrin [Wagner]
    7. Let's Make the Water Turn Black
    8. Watermelon in Easter Hay (Octandre)

Tracks 1-7 are live in Bremen 1968, and track 8 is a 1980s live bonus track. "Lohengrin" here is of course less than the whole opera. The Bremen show was televised in Germany, and the name of the program was Lieder Liches. Here is what it contained:

    * Jam/soundcheck
    * Interview, 19-Jun-1970
    * King Kong (last part)
    * A Pound for a Brown (on the Bus)
    * Sleeping in a Jar
    * Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
    * Uncle Meat
    * Lohengrin
    * Lets Make the Water Turn Black

It was 45 minutes long, and the Bremen part of the LP is 35 minutes, missing the jam/soundcheck and interview. With the bonus track, "Watermelon in Easter Hay", the LP is probably around 40 minutes.

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