Frank Zappa - (1968-10-06) - The Beat Club, Bremen, West Germany

From FZShows:

6-Oct 1968, The Beat Club, Bremen, West Germany
33 min, FM, A+
From a German TV program, called "Liederliches".
Improvisations, King Kong, The String Quartet, Uncle Meat, Lohengrin, Let's Make The Water Turn Black, Octandre

Lineage: TV Broadcast->VHS->VHS->HD->SoundForge (editing, tracking, level adjustments)->FLAC Frontend

Technically, "1st gen" might not be really appropriate when, as in this case, it's a copy of an off-the-air recording. But I think it's sort of become common practice to count generations that way with broadcasts, so that off-the-air = master. This is from a rebroadcast of the "Liederliches" show, where I've edited out the segments that come from a later date. Some volume fluctuations near the beginning, which I believe is on all versions - I've evened some of it out.

01 improvisations
02 King Kong
03 Pound For A Brown
04 Sleeping In A Jar
05 Uncle Meat
06 Lohengrin
07 Let's Make The Water Turn Black
08 Octandre 

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