Frank Zappa - (1973-10-26) - Armadillo World Headquarters - Austin - TX (Repost)

Cosmik Debris
Inca Roads
Pygmy Twylyte
The Idiot Bastard Son
Big Swifty
The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation (Dickie's Such an Asshole) (premiere)
Farther O'Blivion (incl. parts of Steno Pool Be-bop Tango Drums Cucamonga)
Son of Mr. Green Genes> King Kong> Chunga's Revenge

Sample (Mr. Green Genes) 1.8 mb 

Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals 
George Duke - keyboards, vocals, tiny little notes 
Napoleon Murphy Brock - vocals, saxophone, flute 
Tom Fowler - bass 
Ruth Underwood - percussion 
Bruce Fowler - trombone, dancing 
Chester Thompson - drums 
Ralph Humphrey - drums

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zico disse...

I believe this is something that's not in my collection. Anyway I need to express my gratitude for all this special gems you keep posting. Thanks again and again.

Admin disse...

Thanks! And, BTW, why the 96kbs rate? Any option of uploading a better coding? Thanks a lot!

João Pedro Teixeira disse...

hey, broken link!
Can you repost this, please??

Jorodolfo disse...

Ok João Pedro. Reposto e funcionando.

Russell disse...

Great show! Thanks.
But the photo above is not from this show. The band in the picture is from an earlier era, circa "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" through "Chunga's Revenge" .

I see the late Jimmy Carl Black on tambourine, and that looks like Ian Underwood on alto sax.