Frank Zappa - (1977-10-31) - (The Palladium, New York), Jones Crusher!, Zurkon Music, Donna U Wanna, Invocations, Tiny Nightmares, Special Halloween

Jones Crusher!
Zurkon Music
Donna You Wanna Download
 All covers include

Zurkon Music (LP/CD)
Donna U Wanna (CD)
Invocations (CD)
Jones Crusher (CD)
Tiny Nightmares (2 LP)
Special Halloween Issue (CD)

* The Palladium, New York, 31-Oct-1977

* Re-issued on CD as Donna U Wanna by Buccaneer Records.
* Re-issued on CD as Invocations (Great Live Records GLR 9225).
* Re-issued on CD as Jones Crusher (Tendollar Label TDR-035, later re-issued in Japan).
* Re-issued on CD as Special Halloween Issue by Blind Aardvark Records in 1997.
* Re-issued with Ultra-Modern Stringbean as one version of Tiny Nightmares (2 LP) by Beacon Island Records, Australia (2S726).
* Also featured as record 9 (cream label) of The History & Collected Improvisations of Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention (re-issued on CD).
* Parts officially issued on the BABY SNAKES video.
* Parts officially issued on the Baby Snakes album.

Zurkon Music
Donna U Wanna

Length: ~45 min
Sound quality: FM/soundboard A-
Zurkon Music LP label: ZX 3659
Zurkon Music CD label: RXZ Records 309

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, Patrick O'Hearn, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf, Ed Mann and Terry Bozzio

1. Intro [from "Flakes"]
2. San Ber'dino [BABY SNAKES video version]
3. Tryin' to Grow a Chin [Stage #6 version]
4. City of Tiny Lites [BABY SNAKES video version]
5. The Squirm [guitar solo]
6. Big Leg Emma

7. Audience Participation [BABY SNAKES video version]
8. The Black Page #2 [BABY SNAKES video & Baby Snakes album version]
9. Jones Crusher [BABY SNAKES video & Baby Snakes album version]
10. Camarillo Brillo [BABY SNAKES video version]
11. Black Napkins [BABY SNAKES video version]

Some cover track lists are quite wrong; the above should be correct. This is the Baby Snakes concert: tracks 2 & 4 and the entire side 2 appear in the BABY SNAKES video; tracks 8-9 even made it to the Baby Snakes album. "Donna U Wanna" is an approximation of the name of a character in the BABY SNAKES movie.
Jones Crusher

The Invocations CD lists the "Audience Participation" as two tracks: "Dance Contest" and "Invocations". Its cover is a picture of Zappa on a green background, as on page 100 in Dominique Chevalier's book Viva! Zappa. Jones Crusher lists the "Audience Participation" as "Invocations" and "Dance Contest", and does not list/have the "Intro" part.

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