Frank Zappa - 1991.06.30 - Bucsu Festival, Budapert, Hongrie (Re-up)


My Gypsy Friend ("limited edition" CD-R :)

* Taban, Budapest, 30-Jun-1991

Length: 25:28
Label: Stink Foot Disc SFD CD 010

Musicians: The band of Gynla Babos, Frank Zappa and Gabor Demsky

1. Introduction (00:48)
2. One of a Kind (10:54)
3. Glare Gipsys (13:46)

Recorded on an open-air stage near Budapest in June 1991, at a concert to celebrate the exodus of Soviet troops from Hungary (as seen on the TV documentary Zappa Pest).

Track 1 has Zappa's aquaintance Gabor Demsky, mayor of Budapest, introducing him, and tracks 2-3 have Zappa jamming on guitar with the Gypsy band of Gynla Babos. These were Zappa's last live guitar solos. There's a later studio solo on Everything Is Healing Nicely ("Strat Vindaloo").

The boot itself is a preposterous limited edition CD-R. The reported copy was #2 out of a total 100.

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Yotte disse...

Thank you. I've wanted to hear this for a looong time.

Jorodolfo disse...

Enjoy and continue visiting us. Still have many Zappa's Things.

jeanphilippe56 disse...

The link is dead.....

junta disse...

The link is dead. Can you please re-upload?