Frank Zappa - 1993 - Kreega Bondola

Kreega Bondola (2 CD)

* Saratoga Performing Arts Centre, New York, 1-Sep-1984

Length: ~120 min
Sound quality: Soundboard A-
Label: Triangle Records PYCD 078-2

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Ike Willis, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Alan Zavod and Bobby Martin

1. Heavy Duty Judy (03:05)
2. "Introduction Band" (00:49)
3. Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy (06:29)
4. Advance Romance (07:23)
5. I'm the Slime (04:32)
6. Be in My Video (03:22)
7. What's New in Baltimore? (02:51)
8. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up (03:09)
9. Ride my face to Chicago (03:18)
10. Teenage Wind (02:42)
11. Truck-Driver Divorce (05:37)
12. Cocaine Decisions (02:51) [listed as "Cocaine Decision"]
13. Nig Biz (05:49)
14. Sharleena (08:02)

15. Keep It Greasey (03:27)
16. Honey, Don't You Want ["a Man Like Me?"] (03:59)
17. Carol, You Fool (04:03)
18. Chana in de Bushwop (04:01) [Frank/Diva Zappa]
19. Kreegah Bondola [1984 version of "Let's Move to Cleveland"] (14:40)
20. Intro (01:04)
21. He's So Gay (02:30)
22. Bobby Brown (02:34)
23. Crew Slut (06:33)
24. On Women (01:20)
25. Camarillo Brillo (03:28)
26. Muffin Man (02:31)
27. The Illinois Enema Bandit (09:26)

This is one of the best 1984 shows, in its entirety, with very good sound. (Some copies have been reported to list disc one as disc two, and vice versa.) Track 20 is about "voodo mar-juh-rene underpants" and track 24 about "the Women's Movement" - in a discussion on in March 2000 about "the dumbest or most embarassing thing Zappa said on stage", this talk on "the Women's Movement" was one of two things that came up. JWB describes it like this:

Before the encore, somebody passes a note onstage. It has a bunch of fan-esque compliments and then it says something like "the only thing about you that sucks is your attitude towards women" ... and then it says something about the Raggedy Ann doll and how he should make it do some things to men who are just as dumb as the women he makes fun of, rather than sexual things.

Then Zappa replies out of the blue, in a condescending voice, with something like, "Let me tell you about women's movements. The only good women's movement is the one where I'm inside of them and they're holding onto the bedpost and their eyes are rolled up in the back of their head. What do you think about that?"

(The other thing that came up was the "Lock Jaw Rap" from Good Grief!/Lisa's Dangerous Kitchen (London 19-Jun-1982, early show).)

Bits of this show also appear on Big Mother Is Watching You and Z: All You Need Is Glove.

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