Frank Zappa - (1970-03-07) - For Sharleena (Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, Ca)

For Sharleena

For Sharleena (LP/CD)
Twinkle Tits (CD)
Frank Zappa & Hot Rats at the Olympic / 200 Motels Live with Zubin Mehta & the LA Philharmonic (2 LP)
Provocative Squats (2 LP)

    * Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, 07-Mar-1970

    * Also issued on LP and CD as For Sharleena by Flashback Records (FL 03.90.0113 (LP))
    * Re-issued on CD as Twinkle Tits
    * Re-issued with 200 Motels Live with Zubin Mehta & the LA Philharmonic (2 LP, TMOQ 7506, black/coloured vinyl) - and that double was copied on POD Records (with a different cover), re-pressed on green and orange vinyl from the TMOQ plates by K&S records as K&S 020 (150 copies), and re-issued as Provocative Squats, with a white cover and red insert
    * May have been re-issued on a "Big Pig" label

    Length: ~45 min
    Sound quality: Audience B
    Label: Trademark of Quailty Records TMOQ 71059

Musicians (Hot Rats line-up): Frank Zappa, Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar, Don "Sugar Cane" Harris and Max Bennett

    1. Sharleena (10:25)
    2. Twinkle Tits (10:20)
    3. Directly From My Heart to You [Penniman] (5:50)

    4. Chunga's Revenge [sometimes listed as "The Clap"] (24:31)

Tracks 2-3 are also on Apocrypha (same recording). Track 3 is a Little Richard number. Zappa announces "Twinkle Tits" as "a waltz" and a "world premiere" (the piece, "Twinkle Tits", is similar to "Little House I Used to Live in"). Track 4 is listed as "The Clap" only on the original, not on the re-issues. Some report that it was first pressed on black vinyl and housed in a hand-stamped white cover, and that later issues sport several printed covers and red and blue vinyl pressings, but there are confirmed report of an orange vinyl pressing of TMOQ 71059, housed in an orange, hand-stamped cardboard cover. The CD cover of For Sharleena is very yellow, with ZAPPA in large flowing letters.

The original Frank Zappa & Hot Rats at the Olympic bootleg LP was one of the earliest Zappa bootlegs. It was released some time between 1970 and 1974.

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