Frank Zappa - (1970-11-06) - Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
November 6, 1970
Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA

CD: 63:21

01 Have Gun Will Travel 1:29
02 > Call Any Vegetable 10:39
03 The Sanzini Brothers 1:12
04 talk: Frank intros Penis Dimension 0:55
05 Penis Dimension 8:03
06 The Sanzini Brothers 2:24
07 Little House I Used To Live In 0:55
08 > Penis Dimension 2:41
09 > Mudshark 0:38
10 > Dr. John parody interlude 3:50
11 > Touring Can Make You Crazy 0:30
12 > Would You Like A Snack? 1:00
13 > Holiday In Berlin > jam 8:16
14 > Cruising For Burgers 3:23
15 Easy Meat 5:33
16 talk: intro to following songs with talk about San Francisco > "Bullshit" [most of this track is from the previous seed w/pitch adjustment] 1:41
17 > Daddy Daddy Daddy 2:55
18 > Do You Like My New Car? 4:27
19 > Happy Together 1:09
20 > Who Are The Brain Police? [cut] 1:41

The interesting thing about this source is that it was Carlos Santana's cassette copy. Carlos is actually a tape collector and this is from a cassette he had since the early '70's but didn't care about anymore so he gave it to a mutual friend who let me copy it. It turned out to be better sound quality than any other source of this show that I've heard. There is some tape hiss, but it's really not bad at all. There is some crackle in the original mix in the background in a few spots and if you listen on headphones there is a faint repetitive clicking in some that sounds like it was introduced by a very cheap cassette recorder in the lineage. But that can only be heard in a few entirely quiet spots and even then only with headphones, so I think everyone will enjoy this version. The short part that is spliced in from the alternate source is between songs so all of the music is from the improved copy. I'm still hoping someone can come up with an even better version, but until that time comes this one works for me.


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