Frank Zappa - (1969-08-08) - Carousel Theater, Framingham

The Mothers of Invention Live in Framingham '69 (LP)
Framingham 1969 [?]

    * Carousel Theater, Framingham, 08-Aug-1969
    * Unknown

Label: Angry Taxman Records ATR (2) 006/007; FZ69

    1. The Legend of the Golden Arches
    2. Sleeping in a Jar
    3. Improvisation
    4. Bacon Fat [Andre Williams / Brown]

    5. Big Leg Emma
    6. Improvisation Around "King Kong"

Side 1 represents the entire recording known from Framingham 1969; side 2 is probably something else (date and location unknown).

Pressed on black vinyl, white vinyl and probably other colours as well. The covers came in various colours, with spray-painted titles. Someone adds that the "speed was too high". A marbled vinyl edition had the catalogue number FZ69, label unknown, and may have been titled "Framingham 1969".

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