Frank Zappa - (1972) - Pregnant [BR]

Verve 2356049 (US double - details unknown)

MGM Metro Records 2356 049 (Germany)

Verve 2304072 (Brazil)

Blue Verve 2304072 (Colombia)

Metro Records 2355032 (France)

Metro Records 2356049 (New Zeeland, Norway & Sweden)

 Unique material: none (unless there is some on the unknown double US version - not likely)

There seems to have been a double-LP version in the US (note: most people are quite certain that there never was a US Pregnant), but all we have here is a track list for the single LP version:

1. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (03:30)
2. How Could I Be Such a Fool? (03:28)
3. Uncle Bernie's Farm (02:09)
4. Son of Suzy Creamcheese (01:37)
5. Love of My Life (03:05)
6. Who Needs the Peace Corps? (02:46)

7. Mother People (02:34)
8. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (02:17)
9. Who Are the Brain Police? (03:30)
10. I Ain't Got No Heart (02:35)
11. Trouble Comin' Every Day (02:35)
12. Motherly Love (02:47)

The cover, credited to a Jürgen E Gesang (funny name), is by far the ugliest ever on a Zappa album (and it also appears on a various-artists compilation from Argentina called Sound Monsters (JC Production 000 0408) - see the picture at Marcelo Gasió's Zappa page). From Mikael Agardsson:

The Pregnant LP was also released in the US! As a double LP (Verve 2356049)! Unfortunately, I don't know what was on the second LP. It is absolutely extremely rare; I have NEVER seen the American version. I only heard about it from Romano Manara - apparently, he had owned a copy many years ago but sold it. More Pregnant issues (listed in the Torchum books):

France: Metro Records 2355032

Columbia (record number unknown) [this may mean Colombia, which is Blue Verve 2304072]

New Zeeland: Metro Records 2356049

Norway: Metro Records 2356049

Sweden: Metro Records 2356049

The German version (Metro Records 2356049) had one "glossy" and one "matte" cover variant.

The Brazilian issue is much like the German, except it's on Verve (2304 072). The red label is perhaps unusual. (There is some stamp on the label, I don't know what it is, perhaps the distributor?) The back cover says "1972", so I assume the European issues were released the same year - maybe even the American?

The Colombian version has a black & white version of the front cover as its back cover.

Incidentally, a Mexican compilation called simply Frank Zappa y The Mothers of Invention has the same track line-up minus the last track on each side (in other words, it has tracks 1-5 above backed with tracks 7-11).

Additional informants: Svend Rosendahl, Bjørn-Emil Madsen

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