Frank Zappa - 1980 - Crush All Boxes

Crush All Boxes (test pressing source)
37 min, A+

01 - Doreen
02 - Fine Girl
03 - Easy Meat
04 - Goblin Girl
05 - Society Pages
06 - I'm A Beautiful Guy
07 - Beauty Knows No Pain
08 - Charlies Enormous Mouth
09 - Any Downers
10 - Conehead

Unique material: all Crush All Boxes songs are unreleased mixes

Crush All Boxes was the name of an album that Zappa planned to release in late 1980, but Zappa decided not to release it after it had been bootlegged, perhaps after he had played it on the radio. The songs were released later, on Tinsel-Town Rebellion and You Are What You Is, but in different mixes. The cover was used for Tinsel-Town Rebellion; the old title is still vaguely visible.

From Jon Naurin:

From what I've heard, someone at the radio station where Crush All Boxes was broadcast got his hands on the test pressing, and leaked it to the bootleg circuits. So some boots have the broadcast as source, while some use the test pressing.

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