Frank Zappa - 1975 - An Evening With FZ & Captain Beefheart

An Evening with ... Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart (CD/CDR)

    * Radio-broadcast oldies and rarities

    Length: 67:27
    Label: HEAD, re-issued both by RXZ Records and by Blind Boy Grunt Records

Musicians: various

    1. Cucamonga [Bongo Fury version]
    2. Orange Claw Hammer [Don van Vliet]
    3. Debra Kadabra / Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy [Bongo Fury versions]
    4. The Smegmates: Will You Drink My Water?
    5. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Pachuco Cadaver [Don van Vliet] [Trout Mask Replica version]
    6. I Was a Teenage Maltshop
    7. Status Back Baby
    8. Ned the Mumbler [may or may not include "Ned Has a Brainstorm"]
    9. Toads of the Short Forest
    10. Charva [The Lost Episodes version]
    11. Speed-Freak Boogie [Mystery Disc version]
    12. Metal Man Has Won His Wings [Don van Vliet / Zappa] [Mystery Disc version]
    13. Instrumental
    14. Louisiana Blues [McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield]
    15. Instrumental ["Party Scene from Mondo Hollywood" - Mystery Disc version]
    16. Studio Rehearsal ["Sandwich Song"]
    17. How Could I Be Such a Fool?
    18. Boogie for Berkeley
    19. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Neon Meat Dream of a Octafish [Don van Vliet] [Trout Mask Replica version]
    20. Muffin Man [Bongo Fury version]
    21. 200 Years Old [extended version]

This is a recording of a radio show on KWST radio, 1-Nov-1975, where Zappa and Beefheart played oldies and oddities. (There is a completely unsubstantiated rumour that this radio show was actually a broadcast of a Warner Brothers promo record with these songs on it, which has never been found, and never been confirmed to have existed.)

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 10-12, 15, 19 & 20 have been officially released on Bongo Fury, The Lost Episodes, Mystery Disc and Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica. As for the other tracks:

    * Track 2 was performed live in the studio; the Captain sings the song to a simple guitar backing
    * Track 4 is a very strange track, announced as a recording of a group called "The Smegmates"
    * Tracks 6-8 are CBS demos from 1965 - track 6 has been officially released (approximately) on the Mystery Disc. Track 8 may or may not include "Ned Has a Brainstorm".
    * Track 9 recorded at Studio Z, Cucamonga, 1964
    * Track 13 is from 1964 (very informative, isn't it?)
    * Track 14 has been officially released (perhaps in a shorter edit) on the Mystery Disc (as "Original Mothers at the Broadside (Pomona)"); it is the first live recording of the Mothers, from 1965
    * Tracks 16-17 are from the first Mothers rehearsal in 1965; a small fragment of track 16 has been officially released on the Mystery Disc, as "Original Mothers Rehearsal"
    * Track 18 is a 1968 rehearsal
    * Track 21 is NOT directly from Bongo Fury, but a longer version from an acetate, clocking in at 07:55 instead of 04:31. What has been cut out on Bongo Fury is 39 seconds just before the guitar solo (a slide solo by Denny Walley), 2 minutes and 43 seconds just after the guitar solo (effectively a piano solo and one verse), and 2 seconds of the fade-out. It's a CD bonus track from another radio broadcast, on WPLR, New Haven, 18-Apr-1975, and it also appears on Chronicle and Bongo Fury El Paso TX.

Adding to this very impressive cast of characters, the album retains some radio-station chatter from Zappa and the Captain. From Patrick Neve:

    I think the Mystery Disc tracks sound A LOT better [here] than ... on the Mystery Disc.

The cover/"booklet" is a single sheet folded once; no staples. The front of it is a black & white image of a 1950s American suburban family of 12 gatherered around a TV set; the title is printed in colour. The back of it has a black & white photograph of Zappa and Captain Beefheart sitting at a table - the Captain is brushing his moustache and product-placing a Coca-Cola can on the table; Zappa is watching him, cigarette in hand, bemused (or slightly drunk). Back cover has a colour photograph of Zappa on stage playing his guitar. The inside picture is a black & white photo of Zappa on stage, with his guitar, but with one hand held high over his head; Captain Beefheart sits in a chair on stage, surrounded by some Mothers.

HK elaborates on the various editions of this title:

    "An Evening with ... FZ and Beefheart (CD)" only exists as CD-R if made by "HEAD"Label. The only existing silver version is made by "Chameleon." The HEAD-record is made on a gold-writable with only one word on it (direct printed on CD): "EVENING"

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love this one but lost it. would you repost please?

zico disse...

The two greatest myths of modern music together. What more can someone ask for? Gracias por todos.

zappahead disse...

What a great these people and love you for putting this up to....very much obliged....gracias