Frank Zappa - 20 Years Of Frank Zappa Box Set (12 discs)

"This 12 LP boxe set was pressed in April 1981 & came with a 16-page booklet. Each LP has its own title. There were 1,000 box sets pressed but 565 were

seized in one raid & other legal problems netted an additional 100. There were also 25 "Silver Edition" sets pressed with each LP in a silver jacket

with 11" x 11" black & white slicks on the front & back & had deluxe bogus labels. Re-released (regular box set) as an import on "fz 4801-12) with a

black & white laminated cover with silver printing & some without the booklet. The source for this 1984 set was the original LPs sot the sound quality

is inferior to the original set. This box set is sometimes refered to as the "Bogus Box #2".

* this box contained the GRAY VINYL versionVarious live
* Various studio
* Various radio & TV
* Interview

Boxed set of The Basic Primer: Z-A, The Soundtracks, The Cucamonga Era, Gas Mask, Hotel Dixie, The Grand Wazoo Orchestra, Show & Tell, The Night of the

Iron Sausage, Warts & All I, Warts & All II, Soup & Old Clothes and Advanced Study: World Pop Domination

Length: ~514 min
Sound quality: Various
LP box label: Mud Shark MZ4801-4812
CD box label: RXZ Records 313A-324A

Musicians: Various

info from "The Mudshark Anthology" by R.C. / Hotwacks Quarterly n°12
mud shark mz 4801 - 4812: released april 1981 - 1000 pressed

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":

The Basic Primer; Z-A

* Various recordings

Also issued as record 1 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

LP label: Mud Shark MZ4801
CD label: RXZ Records 313A

    1. Return of Your Mama [instrumental (guitar solo?)]
    2. Keep it Greasey
    3. Village of the Sun
    4. I Do a Bunch of Other Things [1976 interview]

    5. Titties & Beer
    6. What Kind of Group Do You Think We Are?
    7. All the Way Down to the Tonsils
    8. Rollo
    ?. Saint Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
    9. Zappa's Lecture
* Various soundtrack music

Also issued as record 2 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

LP label: Mud Shark MZ4802
CD label: RXZ Records 314A

    1. The Way the Air Smells
    2. Run Home Slow
    3. Your Eyes

    4. Rance Muhammitz in a Steaming Briefcase
    5. The World's Greatest Sinner [14:28]
    6. This Won't Take Long
    7. What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening?
    8. People Think That Groupies Are Such Dirty Girls
* Various OLD single tracks

Also issued as record 3 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4803
    CD label: RXZ Records 315A

This is the vinyl track list; the CD box re-issue has bonus tracks, which are as of yet unknown:

    1. The Penguins: Memories of El Monte [Zappa/Collins]
    2. The Hollywood Persuaders: Grunion Run
    3. The Hollywood Persuaders: Tijuana Surf [Paul Buff]
    4. Mr. Clean: Mr. Clean
    5. Mr. Clean: Jessie Lee
    6. The Rotations: Heavies [David Aernie/Paul Buff]
    7. The Hollywood Persuaders: Drums a-Go-Go [?]
    8. The Hollywood Persuaders: Hot Water [?]
    9. Brian Lord & the Midnighters: Not Another One [?]
    10. The Masters: Sixteen Tons [?]

    11. The Masters: Breaktime [partly by Zappa/Collins?]
    12. Baby Ray & the Ferns: How's Your Bird
    13. Baby Ray & the Ferns: The World's Greatest Sinner
    14. Ned & Nelda: Hey Nelda [Zappa/Collins]
    15. Ned & Nelda: Surf Along [?]
    16. The Heartbreakers: Every Time I See You [Zappa/Collins]
    17. Bob Guy: Dear Jeepers
    18. Bob Guy: Letters from Jeepers
    19. Brian Lord & the Midnighters: The Big Surfer 

(This is a track list we used to display for Gas Mask, which may be wrong:

    1. Eye of Agamotto
    2. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
    3. Clap & Vomit [audience participation]
    4. The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque
    5. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
    6. The Return of the Son of the Hunchback Duke
    7. The Story of "A Pound for a Brown on the Bus" [Guild Hall, Portsmouth, 05-Jun-1969])

    * Fillmore East, 14-Nov-1970 [?]

Also featured as record 5 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

    Sound quality: Soundboard
    LP label: New Sound Records/Mud Shark MZ4805
    CD label: RXZ Records 317A

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Jeff Simmons, Aynsley Dunbar, George Duke and Ian Underwood

    1. Sharleena (04:31)
    2. The Air (03:10)
    3. Dog Breath (02:05)
    4. Mother People (02:11)
    5. You Didn't Try to Call Me (03:14)
    6. King Kong (01:19)
    7. Mom & Dad (03:37)

    8. The Duke ["Little House I Used to Live in"/"Penis Dimension"/"Mudshark Variations"]
    9. Would You Like a Snack? / Holiday in Berlin [with lyrics! - not listed]
    10. Instrumental [including "Inca Roads" and "Easy Meat" themes]
    11. Cruisin' for Burgers
* Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, 10-Sep-1972

Featured as record 6 in the Twenty Years of Frank Zappa box (re-issued on CD).

    Length: ~45 min
    Sound quality: Audience C+ :(
    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4806
    CD label: RXZ Records 318A

Musicians (the Grand Wazoo band): Frank Zappa, Tony Duran, Jerry Kessler, Dave Parlato, Jim Gordon, Tom Raney, Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood, Bruce

Fowler, Malcolm McNabb, Tom Malone, Earl Dumler, Glen Ferris, Sal Marquez, Ken Shroyer, Mike Altschul, Joanne McNabb, Jay Migliori, Ray Reed and

Charles Owens

    1. New Brown Clouds
    2. Big Swifty
    3. For Calvin (and His Next Two Hitch-Hikers)

    4. Think It Over
    5. Approximate
 * Stockholm, 21-Aug-1973
    * Felt Forum, New York, 30-Oct-1974
    * Felt Forum, New York, 31-Oct-1975
    * Radio

Also issued as record 7 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

    Length: ~45 min
    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4807
    CD label: RXZ Records 319A

    * 1973 musicians: Frank Zappa, Ian Underwood, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Bruce Fowler, Tom Fowler, Jean-Luc Ponty and Ralph Humphrey
    * 1974 musicians: Frank Zappa, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Tom Fowler, Chester Thompson and Napoleon Murphy Brock
    * 1975 musicians: Frank Zappa, Roy Estrada, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio, Andre Lewis and Norma Bell

    1. RDNZL
    2. Farther Oblivion [listed as "Cucamonga"]
    3. Zappa Reads the News
    4. Chester's Gorilla [last part of "Inca Roads"?]
    5. That's Right, Let's Boogie [instrumental]
    6. A Few Minutes with Norma Bell [instrumental]

    7. How Could I Be Such a Fool?
    8. I Ain't Got No Heart
    9. I'm Not Satisfied
    10. Packard Goose
    11. Black Napkins

* Felt Forum, New York, 31-Oct-1975
    * Hartford, Connecticut, 17-Oct-1977

Also issued as record 8 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4808
    CD label: RXZ Records 320A

    * 1975 musicians: Frank Zappa, Roy Estrada, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Terry Bozzio, Andre Lewis and Norma Bell
    * 1977 musicians: Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, Patrick O'Hearn, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf, Ed Mann and Terry Bozzio

    1. Lonely Little Girl
    2. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
    3. What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?
    4. Chunga's Revenge

    5. Envelopes
    6. Disco Boy
    7. I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth
    8. Wild Love
* Various live: mostly parts of Warts & All, a live album Zappa planned but never released

    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4809-10
    CD label: RXZ Records 321A-322A

's number one:

    1. Dead Girls of London [Zappa/Shankar]
    2. Suicide Chump
    3. Streets & Roads [slightly longer edit of "Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar"]

    4. Thirteen [longer edit of the Stage #6 version]
    5. Magic Fingers
    6. [Little] Rubber Girl [Zappa/Walley] [Stage #4 version]
    7. Peaches en Regalia ["Peaches III", Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]

* Various live: mostly parts of Warts & All, a live album Zappa planned but never released

    LP label: Mud Shark MZ4809-10
    CD label: RXZ Records 321A-322A

    1. Ms. X
    2. For the Young Sophisticate [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
    3. More Streets & Roads [longer edit of "Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar Some More"]
    4. Sy Borg

    5. Dance Contest [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
    6. Persona Non Grata
    7. The Drive Shaft [may include Stage #6 version of "Lobster Girl"]
    8. The Deathless Horsie [Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar version]
 *  Various live
    * Various radio and TV

Also issued as record 11 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

    Musicians: various, but including Tom Waits

LP label: Mud Shark MZ4811
CD label: RXZ Records 323A

    1. Nite Owl [Tony Allen]
    2. Penis Dimension [200 Motels version]
    3. In Memoriam: Hieronymus Bosch
    4. The 12 Inches
    5. Florentine Pogen

    6. Debra Kadabra
    7. Stranded in the Jungle
    8. Hard Cheese [?]
    9. The Tolkien Tapes [Tolkien/Kaylan/Zappa]
    10. Room Service [partial, listed as "Do the Funky Room Service"]

* Various live
    * Studio outtakes

Also issued as record 12 of Twenty Years of Frank Zappa (re-issued on CD).

LP label: Mud Shark MZ4812
CD label: RXZ Records 324A

    1. Zappa's Lecture
    2. The Bust
    3. Dinah-Moe Humm
    4. Camarillo Brillo
    5. Get a Little II
    6. You Didn't Try to Call Me
    7. Laid Back

    8. Love of My Life
    9. You Are What You Is
    10. Catholic Girls
    11. Fine Girl [Tinsel-Town Rebellion version]
    12. Treacherous Cretins

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