Frank Zappa - (1982) - Good Grief (repost)

This recording is a digital enhanced copy of the Frank Zappa vinyl bootlegrecord GOOD GRIEF. Label:  Flashback-8810 (cover) / Flashback Q-8810 (label)

Below is the details. 
Taken from: the zappa patio - 

Good Grief!

    * Various live 1978-1982
    * Studio out-take of "Fine Girl"

Also issued as Lisa's Dangerous Kitchen

Length: 39:21
Sound quality: various
Label: Flashback-8810 (cover) / Flashback Q-8810 (label)

Musicians: Various - Ahmet guests on "Frogs with Dirty Little Lips" and Lisa Popeil sings "The Dangerous Kitchen"

    1. Lock Jaw Rap [00:41]
    2. Hail Caesar [06:40]
    3. The Closer You Are [Earl Lewis / Morgan Robinson] / Johnny Darling [Louis Statton / Johnny Statton] [not listed] [03:25]
    4. Frogs with Dirty Little Lips [03:31]
    5. Lisa's Dangerous Kitchen ["The Dangerous Kitchen"] [06:23]

    6. Fine Girl [03:19]
    7. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? [01:35]
    8. We're Turning Again [05:39]
    9. Heavy Duty Judy [with vocals] [04:39]
    10. What's New in Baltimore? [03:29]

    * Track 1 has Zappa talking to the audience for about 40 seconds, in London 19-Jun-1982 (first show). In a discussion on in March 2000 about "the dumbest or most embarassing thing Zappa said on stage", it was one of two things that came up. It goes like this:

        "You know, as I look out here tonight, I see all these people and wonder what kind of people actually come to a show like this, and I know! Usually it's a bunch of guys who think that maybe it's cool to come here, and then they bring these girls along that wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this, listening to this shitty kind of music, and they sit there and grit their fucking teeth for two hours, and then maybe later they give the guy a blowjob. Well let me tell you something; all you guys that brought girls like this to this kind of a concert, I hope you do get blown by those lock-jawed little bitches that you brought in here." 

    (The other thing that came up was the imfamous "women's movement" from Saratoga 1-Sep-1984, on Kreega Bondola.)

    * Track 2 is live in London 28-Feb-1978.
    * Tracks 3-4 are live in Santa Monica 11-Dec-1981 (first show); track 4 also appears as a "bonus track" on Welcome to the Mudd Club, where part of Zappa's spoken intro has been edited out. Apparently, this was the first live performance with Ahmet, Frank's son (noted on the cover).
    * Track 5 is live in Santa Monica 11-Dec-1981 (second show).
    * Track 6 is yet another different mix of the Tinsel-Town Rebellion recording; the unreleased Crush All Boxes album had another mix
    * Track 7 is live 1980.
    * Track 8 is an unknown 1982 or 1982 live version identified as "the Palladium, New York, 31-Oct-1982", but there was no such show.
    * Track 9 is a soundboard recording from the second show in Pittsburgh 13-Nov-1980 (the same recording as on Apocrypha). It has "vocals", in the sense that Ike and Ray sing "Heavy Duty Judy" in the very beginning over the riff.
    * Track 10 is live in Cologne 21-May-1982.

Sound quality graded as A on track 5, B on track 6 and C on all other tracks. Track 6 is an incredibly good performance, also circulated on grade A soundboard tapes.

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