Frank Zappa - (1987 12 23) - Los Angeles, CA Rehearsal (Repost)

1987 12 23 Los Angeles, CA Rehearsal Without F.Z. SBD 1st 92.27 (db-pbuzby)

Disc 1

01 Jezebel Boy
02 When The Lie's So Big (-> Planet Of The Baritone Women)
03 What's New In Baltimore
04 Moggio
05 I Ain't Got No Heart
06 Heavy Duty Judy
07 Filthy Habits
08 Pound For A Brown
09 Disco Boy (-> Pound For A Brown)
10 Big Swifty
11 Who Needs The Peace Corps (-> I Left My Heart In San Francisco)
12 Let's Move To Cleveland
13 Dancin' Fool
15 Strictly Genteel (cut near end)

Disc 2

01 Andy
02 Inca Roads
03 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
04 Stick Together
05 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
06 Willie The Pimp
07 Montana
08 Easy Meat
09 Peaches En Regalia
10 Sofa
11 Black Napkins
12 Black Page #2

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v-chile disse...

Muchas gracias,
this is a really nice bootleg.It`s somehow dramatic,because in 1987 Zappa was still alive,and not to be able to listen to these rehearsals with the master himself is sad,but you always have him in the background of your mind...But now, by listening to the Grandmothers you know for sure,that Zappa ain`t alive anymore. So this could be a show from today,it ain`t make any difference...
Sound quality is excellent!