NDR Bigband - (2004-05-31) - NDR Bigband plays Zappa at the moers festival, germany

The Colin Towns NDR Bigband

March and June 2004, the NDR Big Band, conducted by Colin Towns, performed a couple of Frank Zappa tribute concerts, called "Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (And Funny Smells)"..

June 25, German radio did a broadcast were they played various tracks recorded at the Rolf-Liebermann-Studio in Hamburg on  2004/03/26.

September 20, Dutch radio aired the May 31 Moers concert.

In 2005 an album called "Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (And Funny Smells)" got released, presenting the 2004/05/31 Moers concert.

colin towns + ndr bigband

frank zappa's hot licks (and funny smells)
   - all compositions by frank zappa

2005 cd ger rent a dog rad 2007-2
recorded 2004/05/31 at the moers festival, germany

colin towns: conductor / arranger
lennart axelsson: trumpet
ingolf burkhardt: trumpet
claus stötter: trumpet
reiner winterschladen: trumpet
dan gottshall: trombone
sebastian hoffmann: trombone
stefan lottermann: trombone
ingo lahme: bass trombone, tuba
fiete felsch: alt sax, clarinet
peter bolte: alt sax
christof lauer: tenor sax
lutz büchner: tenor sax
frank delle: bass sax, soprano sax
vladyslav sendecki: piano, keyboards
stephan diez: guitar
lucas lindholm: bass
marcio doctor: percussion
ian thomas: drums

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

introduction & anthem (j.stafford smith, f.scott ken)

Willie the Pimp 2:18
Let's make the Water Turn Black 2:45
Watermelon in Easter Hay 7:35
Be-Bop Tango 0:52
G-Spot Tornado 5:22
Sinister Footwear 4:27
Little Umbrellas/ Big Swifty 7:20
Waka Jawaka 6:13
Stevie's Spanking 3:46
Brown Shoes don't Make it 2:21
Peaches en Regalia 4:31

Thanks to Upkerry14 (www.oneweekman.blogspot.com)

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