Frank Zappa - 1971- Worst Of The Mothers

Unique material: none From Jahweh David Lynch: Let me dig up my copy of this - this, well, piece of shit. Yes, this is one of those unauthorized MGM compilations, SE 4754. It was the first Mothers album I heard, so I suppose I ought to be nice to it, but I won't, because frankly I didn't like it very much. My copy is a DJ labelled copy, and it has: 1. Help, I'm a Rock (02:41) 2. Anyway the Wind Blows (02:52) 3. Flower Punk (03:03) 4. You Didn't Try to Call Me (03:17) 5. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (01:34) 6. Motherly Love (02:45) 7. Mom & Dad (02:16) 8. Mother People (02:34) 9. Wowie Zowie (02:51) 10. Status Back Baby (02:58) I think these are the album versions, except of course for "Help, I'm a Rock" which starts where the vocals start and ends before the first appearance of Suzy Creamcheese. The cover design is credited to George Lamby, which is a really stupid British name if you ask me. The cover is a brown paper bag with marker writing on it and some (paint?) stains. (Someone advertised a copy of this with a "rare American paketcover", but I don't know what that means.) Additional Informant: Christopher McCheyne

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