Frank Zappa - 1967 - We're Only In It For The Money (demos and test pressing)

We're Only In It for the Money Demos According to information submitted, the item known to traders as "Money demos" contains the following: 1. Lonely Little Girl (Instrumental) [01:06] 2. Oh No [00:47] 3. Lonely Little Girl (Reprise) [01:02] 4. Theme from Burnt Weenie Sandwich [04:06] 5. Mom & Dad [03:02] 6. Bow Tie Daddy [00:33] 7. Harry, You're a Beast [01:14] 8. What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? / What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? (Reprise) [02:22] 9. Guitar Solo [03:46] 10. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance [01:33] 11. Mother People [01:45] 12. The Idiot Bastard Son [02:24] 13. Who Needs the Peace Corps? Walkthrough: Most of the tracks segue directly just as on the album. Many are very similar to the released versions, but the ones which are different are enough so to [illegible!]. * The instrumental version of "Lonely Little Girl" is clearly the backing track of the released version (but a lot slower). It has an extra bridge, also performed in fall 1975 [external link]. (The title "It's His Voice on the Radio", used for this song on some versions of the album, can be traced to this bridge.) * "Oh No" is based on the Lumpy Gravy version (with full orchestration). * "Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich" is the basis for the album version, but mixed and edited differently there. This one lacks the percussion overdubs. It segues directly out of "Lonely Little Girl (Reprise)", instead of fading in underneath the percussion, and ends with the guitar riff/fill-thingee from "Flower Punk" instead of the fade-out behind the overdubs on the album version. * "Mom & Dad" begins similarly to the album version, although a bit faster and with flute. It abruptly switches to some completely different instrumental music (which sounds like its based on the riff to "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?", partly) for about a minute and then shunts back to the normal song. [This "new music" sounds like backing tracks that went unused to me - David Goodwin] * "Bow Tie Daddy" is the same as on the album. * "Harry, You're a Beast" is not censored, and instead of the snorks and music at 00:45 we get a weird measure in a different time. It's the only original-drums uncensored version we have, and that "extra measure" where they would splice in the snorks is very interesting. * "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?" is again very similar until the 01:00 mark when it switches to some of the "new" music that is in "Mom & Dad". This then hits a tape speed effect and switches into the reprise version of "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?". * The guitar solo is a different edit of the one in "Stuff up the Cracks" on Cruising with Ruben & the Jets. Oddly enough, instead of the final chords of "Stuff up the Cracks", it segues into "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance". * "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" is very similar to the final record, with slightly more prominent guitar. * "Mother People" again isn't censored, and ends with "... holding you near me?" rather than the needle scratch into Lumpy Gravy music and the coda. * "The Idiot Bastard Son" has a longer intro and is missing the musique concrete/dialogue segments. It's different from the Mothermania version, but that is the closest resemblence. It sounds unmixed ... all instruments are up the entire time. * The complete "Who Needs the Peace Corps?" - the sax is audible during a lot of it, and it keeps going ... past where it ends on the record! You finally get to hear the real ending. Informants: Corey, Charles Ulrich, David Goodwin All-Orchestral Lumpy Gravy Info from

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