Frank Zappa - 1967 - Lumpy Gravy - Capitol version

This early version of Lumpy Gravy was released on 8-track only. It contains only orchestral music, about a couple of minutes of which is unique material which is not on the LP/CD version. From NOBBI: Zappa had a contract with MGM Records, when Capitol Records wanted him to record an orchestral album. Zappa was to appear only as conductor and this wouldn't have touched the contract with MGM. Zappa recorded this album with the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra in New York, but it wasn't released. Only 8-track tapes exist. Later Zappa added some Mothers music to the recordings and MGM released the well-known Lumpy Gravy album in may 1968. And the track list looks like this: SIDE ONE TABLEAUX I SINK TRAP II GUM JOY III UP AND DOWN IV LOCAL BUTCHER SIDE TWO TABLEAUX V GYPSY AIRS VI HUNCHY PUNCHY VII FOAMY SOAKY VIII LET'S EAT OUT IX TEEN-AGE GRAND FINALE More info in

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