Frank Zappa - (1995) - Kill Ugly Radio

  • Kill Ugly Radio also appeared as disc two in a double promo called Album Network Rock Tuneup #132
Unique material: 7 short interview excerpts
1. As a Matter of Fact ...
2. Peaches en Regalia
3. Just Imagine ...
4. I'm the Slime
5. It Has Just Been Passed ...
6. Dirty Love
7. Joe's Garage
8. You Can Get a Point Across ...
9. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
10. Yeah, Well ...
11. Murder by Numbers
12. Cosmik Debris
13. San Ber'dino
14. The Guy on the Staten Island Ferry ...
15. Apostrophe (')
16. Valley Girl
17. Whippin' Post
18. Radio Has Helped to ...
This was a radio station promo for the FZ approved re-issue catalog. All tracks are the original versions (the versions that were first released); Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 14 & 18 (all tracks with titles that end with "...") are short interview excerpts from a WBAI Zappa tribute which aired January 22, 1994. The cover has the "my pumpkin" picture from Absolutely Free, and the CD and under-the-tray insert have the smoking-and-playing picture from the back of the Guitar CD booklet.
Informants: Dr István Fekete, JWB

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