Frank Zappa - (1995) - Kill Ugly Radio Some More

Kill Ugly Radio Some More

Unique material: 8 short interview excerpts. The single versions are not unique, but from the Strictly Commercial compilation.

    1. It's OK to be Smart ...
    2. Plastic People
    3. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow (single version)
    4. My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
    5. Obscenity Is a Legal Term ...
    6. Let's Make the Water Turn Black
    7. Trouble Every Day
    8. Transylvania Boogie
    9. Once Upon a Time ...
    10. Be in My Video
    11. Fine Girl
    12. I Think the First Thing That I Did ...
    13. Dancin' Fool
    14. Goblin Girl
    15. I Go Out There and Give 'Em Everything That I Can ...
    16. Echidna's Arf (of You)
    17. Royal March from L'Histoire du Soldat
    18. The Horrible Part of it Is ...
    19. Montana (single version)
    20. Drowning Witch
    21. You Have Any Last Words ...
    22. NYC Halloween Audience
    23. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance

This was a radio station promo to promote the new Strictly Commercial compilation. All tracks are the original (first released) versions, except 3 & 19, from Strictly Commercial, 20 from Stage #3, and 23 from Stage #6; Tracks 1, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 & 21 (all tracks with titles that end with "...") are short excerpts from an interview conducted by Ben Manilla for WLIR-FM. The exact interview is presently unknown. The cover has the "my pumpkin" picture from Absolutely Free, and the CD and under-the-tray insert have the smoking-and-playing picture from the back of the Guitar CD booklet.

Informants: Dr István Fekete, JWB

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