Frank Zappa - 1988 - YCDTOSA Sampler (repost)


When this series took off, Zappa made an album with sample songs, which looked just like Volume 1, but it said "SAMPLER" instead of "VOLUME 1" on the cover. Some resources list it as having a short-lived CD release, but as we've never seen a copy, we now are pretty sure it doesn't exist.

1. Plastic People
2. The Torture Never Stops
3. Montana (Whipping Floss)
4. The Evil Prince
5. You Call That Music?
6. Sharleena
7. Nanook Rubs It
8. The Florida Airport Tape
9. Once Upon a Time
10. King Kong
11. Dickie's Such an Asshole [unique version]
12. Cosmic [sic] Debris [unique version]

Unique Versions of "Dickie's Such an Asshole" and "Cosmic [sic] Debris"

It has an otherwise unavailable version of "Dickie's Such an Asshole". It doesn't have the introduction by Marty Perellis, it doesn't have the ending sing-along, and the middle section is edited differently:

Only on the sampler:

Loaned a couple of Bebe Rebozo,
Loaned a couple of Pat Boone,
Loaned a couple to Ronald Reagan,
And loaned a couple to the new vice-president,
He said he'd be on my side,
He said he'd stand by me through thick 'n' thin ...
Until they impeach me,
And he said he'd never let 'em,
He said he'd never let 'em do it -
I said: "I believe you",
I said: "Hold on",
I said: "I never cheated on ya,
I never lied" ...

Only on volume 3:

Was it?

Also, the end of "Cosmic [sic] Debris" is from a different show. The edit occurs somewhere around "Don't Sri Chin, Don't Sri Chinmoy on me" (thanks to Mike Keneally for the correction here).