Frank Zappa - 1986 - Resolver + Brutality

This is an audio cassette containing 58 minutes of synclavier music.
1.Resolver ED.  19:57  
2.Big Sequence  15:54  
3.Brutality  4:22  
4.Bondage  3:31 
5.Oral Sex At Gunpoint  5:18  
6.Bondage (Maniac Mix)  4:11  
7.Oral Sex At Gunpoint (Maniac Mix)  1:49  
8.Brutality (Maniac Mix)  2:34 

This cassette is from about the same era as Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention (1985). From this album the track H.R. 2911 is the closest to the music presented on Resolver + Brutality. We believe the cassette can be dated to 1986. 

The tracks can be grouped into Resolver (1,2) and Brutality (3-8). First two tracks are pure instrumental opuses. Next tracks includes also voice samples. The Brutality group of tracks is directly related to the 1985 Senate PMRC hearings. 

The cassette is TDK SA-X 90 (the label is from SA 60). Tracks 1.-4. are on side A, tracks 5.-8. on side B. The quality of the cassette is very good. It is probably a master clone directly recorded by Zappa in his studio.

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