Frank Zappa - (1987) - Oldies But Goldies Live Over 20 years old

1. Intro (00:55)
2. Freak Out Medley (06:55)
3. Fifties Medley (05:09)
4. King Kong (22:10)
5. Uncle Meat Big Medley ["The Uncle Meat Variations"/"Oh, in the Sky"/
"Let's Make the Water Turn Black"/"Harry, You're a Beast", "Oh No"/
"The Orange County Lumber Truck"] (24:40) [parts officially released on Ahead of Their Time]

Tracks 1-4 are the 1967 recording, and track 5 is live at 
the Royal Festival Hall, London, 1968. 
("Oh, in the Sky", included in the "Uncle Meat Big Medley", is a Ruben-esque tune 
sung by Roy Estrada.) Parts of track 5 have been officially released as tracks 16-20 
of Ahead of Their Time. (There are some edits on the official album.)

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Miles disse...

This sounds like an interesting boot. Although some of it has appeared elsewhere, the combination of them all in one package is irresistible.
Thanks for sharing this.

v-chile disse...

These posts are mostly dead. Hotfile links...Can you please take the time and reupload?

In the name of all the Zappa freaks,